4Pharma - Beyond Your Data

About 4Pharma


4Pharma was founded in 2002 and brings together a unique group of talented professionals from very diverse backgrounds and we all focus on only one simple goal: To use our knowledge and experience in the best possible interest of our customers.

4Pharma is owned by BC Platforms.

Our headquarter is based in Turku (Finland), but we can offer our clients true locality also from offices in Helsinki and Lund (Sweden).

4Pharma key advantages at a glance

  • Established in Turku, Finland in 2002
  • >40 professional expert employees
  • Offices located in Finland (Turku, Helsinki) and Sweden (Lund, Link√∂ping)
  • Provides unique niche competence for life science companies, primarily in pharmaceutical and nutrition industries
  • Well established collaboration with ~ 70 clients in Nordic countries, Central Europe and the US