4Pharma - Beyond Your Data

“Our people have played a key
role in recent successful global
regulatory submissions”

4Pharma is a contract research organization (CRO) providing medical research services to pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device and food companies.

Focused on biostatistics, data management and medical writing, 4Pharma employees offer you a unique blend of industry experience, service provider flexibility and the academic excellence of truly data driven mindsets.

Our core focus lies on customer satisfaction and quality of work.

With the experience of several successful global regulatory submissions, hundreds of studies we conducted for our clients (or accompanied with scientific advice) and finally our open minded dedication to science – we, the people at 4Pharma are dedicated to take you


Beyond your data

Our experience

  • Deep understanding of regulatory requirements
  • Using modern techniques and software
  • More than 225 completed studies for DM
  • Delivered statistical analyses for over 250 studies
  • Over 50 study reports and over 60 publications
  • Involved in over 15 regulatory submissions

Key Competitive Advantages

4Pharma has accumulated vast experience in several therapeutic areas including oncology, neurology (especially PD), ophthalmology, musculoskeletal, respiratory diseases, pharmacology, infectious diseases and gynecology. 4Pharma people have played a key role in successful global regulatory submissions by taking responsibility for statistics, data management, and preparation of the (electronic) dossier. Consequently, these people have participated in numerous face-to-face meetings with the FDA (USA), EMEA and national authorities (Europe), and PMDA (Japan). Currently, 4Pharma plays a key role in several drug development projects aiming at regulatory submissions. With our approach of being involved and contributing to the drug development process instead of being an external “number team” and with our experience and great track record we truly believe that using our statistical services will benefit the customers and their compounds in the way forward towards the market.