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Information Technology

Information Technology

We provide information technology products and services for collaboration with you and your partners. Systems are validated according to standards and made easy for you to use.

Technology Expertise

Our technology expertise in computerized systems used in collaboration, data management, data warehousing, project management, randomization, adverse event management and document management is comprehensive and available for you as a service. We also provide computer system validation expertise in accordance with 21 CFR Part 11 for these systems.

Data Warehousing

4Pharma has collaboration tools, that will help you to connect with us and your partners. Our data warehousing platform is your dedicated gateway to data and documentation of your study. You are in control of permissions, all changes are documented and all activity is secured with utmost care. With this service you can securely share your documentation to third-parties, like partners and regulators. If you need an independent third-party to store your study data, this service is made for you.

Risk calculators

With 4Pharma’s understanding of your study, we can utilize our technical knowledge to create a risk calculator for your case. Risk calculator is a web-based service that allows a user to compare effects of different variables, to an outcome of a treatment. System uses R-software to create plots that are output to user to visualize the differences of treatments. You can then send the report in e-mail or print it as a reference. Service will store different variables used in comparisons, which can be analyzed later from administration interface.

Interactive Web Response System (IWRS)

Our IWRS is a secured, dedicated interactive web response system, allowing you an easy randomization and allocation of study supplies. The IWRS comprises our vast expertise of randomization services with wide range of complex study designs.

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Sami Lehtimäki , Chief Information Officer