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4Pharma supported customer’s DNA sequence data transfer


4Pharma supported customer’s DNA sequence data transfer

4Pharma has successfully delivered DNA sequence data transfers for a customer. This 16 terabytes of a DNA sequence data from a genome center was delivered to a pharmaceutical company.

Data was first delivered from a genome center to the 4Pharma’s space on cloud service provider. From there, this data was transferred using modern cloud technologies, to the customer’s cloud. Data transfers were quick, which is enabled by modern tools, where data doesn’t travel through a local computer at all. Previous DNA sequence data transfer was accomplished by using the 4Pharma’s Data Warehouse.

Sometimes data transfer protocols and services that data sources (like genome center in this case) support, are not compatible with a company’s environment. 4Pharma provides a solution to this and works as a mediator, retrieving data from the source, or providing a service to the source, for them to upload the data. Then 4Pharma transfers the data to the customer’s environment, with a delivery method that they support.

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