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Data Visualization

Drawing correct and fast conclusions from ever growing huge amounts of data is extremely important and data visualizations offer are invaluable tool to help. We have been part of many projects where great data visualizations have made the difference by quickly providing a rational basis for decisions (see also references). In several of these projects, efficient data mining created the crucial new opportunity for the solution of a problem.

The main advantages are

  • Efficiency – vast amounts of data can be quickly represented and summarized interactivity – visualization help to achieve deeper insight into the nature of a problem and discover new understandings
  • Communication will be greatly improved by targeted visualizations that can create a common view of a problem or situation by aligning the perceptions of involved parties

Services in Data Visualization

We are convinced that the biggest benefits of visual, interactive data mining is the exploration of datasets with not yet fully understood scientific background, e.g. data from clinical trials in orphan diseases.

Especially when time is extremely valuable, e.g. in an Due Diligence Situation, fast and tailored visualization will make the difference. 4Pharma employees have experience from such projects on either side. The combination of our senior level statistical experience with fast data visualization capabilities gives us we are able to offer a highly exclusive service to support of Due Diligence operations.

Other examples for Data Visualization Services are

  • Graphical reports (accessible e.g. via a secured web interface) that can be updated periodically or even in real time – to give you the instant status of your project
  • Pharmacovigilance support – still safety data is tabulated by statisticians and mined by medical advisors/doctors using paper based text marking and manual reasoning. Visual representation of Adverse Events, ECG reports, lab data charts or other more specific data are making DSMB meetings more effective and facilitate decision making


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